I recently turned 29 for the fifth time.

I met my husband, my rock, my BFF on

September 28th, 2009. Henceforth, 9TwentyEight.

I'm slightly (okay, not slightly) obsessed with my Labrador, Diesel.

I will always order the cocktail with jalapeno in it.

My favorite movie is Christmas Vacation.

I am the female version of Clark W. Griswold Jr.

My most used household items are my espresso machine and Meyer's all purpose cleaner. That probably explains a lot about me.

I cry at every wedding. Yes, I will cry at yours too.

I love being called Mrs. Carter.

Each of my clients has a different vision for their wedding. My goal is to interpret and achieve that vision. I use my intuition, creativity, and resources to produce the couples one of a kind wedding. It is this approach that makes each wedding unique. I work within your budget to provide the highest quality services, that will bring the most value to your wedding. Seeing the happy faces of my clients, their families, and their guests is very rewarding to me. I take each challenge in stride because in your dreams, every detail matters.